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Cleese takes out contract on Brand and Ross

Rumour has it that normally mild mannered John Cleese who starred as the infamous Basil Fawlty alongside fellow actor Andrew Sachs in Fawlty Towers has commissioned a rather handsome if not somewhat ruthless Galactic Overlord to ‘teach those two Whipper Snappers some manners’.

I obviously can’t confirm or deny that I was more than happy to take on the task and of course can’t also confirm how the two will be punished. It’s widely reported that sources close to the brilliantly intelligent and daring Overlord said “Cleese is a charming English Gentleman who has commissioned the right man to get the job done. They won’t know what’s hit them and revenge for Mr. Sachs will be sweet” Said No.2. ‘Gordon has long been a fan of Cleese and Sach and would do anything for a member of the Monty Python team’.


Today I made 1000 hits on the blog

Just goes to show you…

World domination begins…slowly!

Darth joins the clergy!

Low expectations

The Ootrons made a second visit earth 100 years after their 1st & were pleased with the evolution they saw. Low expectations those Ootrons!

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Google Chrome Logo Design

Now you know where the inspiration came from!

Galactic Federation Conference 2008

Back from Federation Conference. Normal stuff, new space station guidelines lots of invasion stats & some new targets on kills per planet. Don't know why the great thinking ones don't just change the year on the slides, it's always the same old thing! Oh also got promoted so I'm leaving behind repatriating universe escapees and I'm now heading up invasion.

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Sometimes it’s lonely being me

No.2 has gone home for the evening.

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